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Governmental Public council authorized for anticorruption policy (hereinafter - the Public Council) is elected, a permanent advisory body formed at the Governmental Agent for anti-corruption policy (hereinafter – Governmental Agent) to ensure the participation of citizens and their associations in public affairs, public control over activities of executive bodies, establishing effective interaction of these with the public, incorporation of public opinion during the realization of anticorruption policy.

 To participate in that body was invited to nationwide and international organizations (civic, charitable foundations, associations, unions, etc.) that are registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, have legal status and lead the activities in the field of preventing and combating corruption. Organizations and individuals that do not meet these requirements, may be included in the Public Council on the recommendation of the Public Council members and Governmental Agent’s submission.

 Total Public Council should not exceed 30 people. Term of a membership in the Public Council - one year.