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Criminal Code of Ukraine

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Summary: The Law on General Prosecutor's Office

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Law of Ukraine on the main basis for state supervision (control) in the field of business activities of April 5th, 2007

On April 5th, 2007 Verhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted the Law On the Main basis for state supervision in the field of business activities. All provisions of the law come into force on 1st of January 2008. Goals/Objectives: The Law determines legal and organizational basis, the main principles and order of execution of governmental supervision (control) in the field of business activities; powers of the bodies of the governmental supervision (control) and governmental officials of these bodies as well as rights, obligations and liability of the business entities during the time of the execution of the governmental supervision. The Law does not cover the following fields: currency control, customs control at the ports of entry, control over compliance with budgetary legislation and use of state and municipal property, banking and insurance supervision, other kinds of specialized governmental control over activities of business entities on the market of financial services, state control over compliance with antitrust legislation and also operative and investigative activities, inquiry, prosecutorial supervision, pre-trial investigation and justice. The Law provides for clear rules for the basis, order and mechanism of conduct of inspections of business activities by different government control agencies Outputs: Application of clear rules and mechanisms in this field removes conditions which favor putting pressure on business from government control agencies, and thus removes conditions for extortion of bribes and other abuses by governmental officials of the control agencies.
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