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Copyright and Policies


The ACRC promotes all kinds of non-commercial use of its resources and is ready to cooperate with other sources on the subject. The main goal of ACRC is to make the materials on the website as accessible as possible for its users; therefore the ACRC encourages all its contributors to allow for free redistribution of their research. However, if expressly stated by the authors of certain materials on this website that the materials are copyrighted then all users must respect the relevant international and national copyright laws. Should you use any of the information on the ACRC website for further writings, research or educational exchange, please clearly site the ACRC ABA-Ukraine.


ABA and USAID emblems are protected symbols under International and national laws. All unauthorized use of these emblems is strictly forbidden.


ACRC will not publish misleading or unsubstantiated materials, nor will any information that exhibits disrespect, hate, bias, or discrimination be published. The Website Administrator reserves the right to deny or remove any information that does not confirm with the ACRC mission or policies.